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FUMC Newcastle

A passion for Christ, compassion for all

It sounds like a nice little play on words, like someone was sitting around one day and came up with a great saying for a church to put on its stationary. Honestly, it is. But it’s more than that.

It’s a way of life born from the idea that what Jesus taught was not just a lot of pretty words and poetic ideas, they were, and still are a Way of Life, a Way of Being, a Way to understand God and his Creation. We not only believe it, but we try to live it in our homes, our church, and our community. For us, this is a journey that we have chosen to take, following in the spiritual way of Jesus life and teachings.

And we invite you to join us.

Sunday Schedule
Sunday School - 8:45 am (Sept - May)
Traditional Service - 10:00 am
Fellowship time - 11:00 am
Casual Service - 11:30 am
MYF Youth Group - 5:30 to 7:00 pm (1st and 3rd Sunday, Sept - May)